Goats….green goats!

I've been working on a pattern for one of Spoonflower's upcoming competitions.  This one has a restricted palette, and so I thought I'd focus the design on green, as it is my favourite colour!  I came up with these quirky character goats...

2 New Patterns

I had a little spare time today to play around with a couple of designs that I had created specifically for bags and cushions, but now looking at them on some product mock-ups, they could be used for a lot bigger range of products. Leaves...

Llama Drama

I'm having some dramas with my llamas!  I'm trying to create a pattern for an upcoming Spoonflower contest and I just can't get to the point that I'm happy.  Maybe I need to change the colours?  I'm not sure? Sketches Motifs I...

How to do a product mockup using Photoshop

Putting your designs onto products is a great way to showcase your work.  I have a collection of purchased mockups that I found on, but have never been able to find suitable furniture to use for my fabric designs.  Today, I'm going to...

Hedgehog Playground

'Hedgehog Playground' is a place where hedgehogs are safe from cars and other dangers! Growing up in New Zealand I would often encounter hedgehogs on my walk home from school, quite often in the middle of the road. I, being a huge animal lover, would scope...

3 Tips for creating patterns for products

This is a great article by the Red Bubble team with Daisy Beatrice offering some great advice for creating patterns for products.

Beginning Today

Welcome to my blog! As this is my first post of my blog, I thought I'd share my first pattern collection.  'Beginning Today', which was created as part of a Skillshare course I took by Elizabeth Olwen - a very talented surface pattern designer.  You can...

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