Putting your designs onto products is a great way to showcase your work.  I have a collection of purchased mockups that I found on creativemarket.com, but have never been able to find suitable furniture to use for my fabric designs.  Today, I’m going to create my own and I’m going to show you the process.  My method is based on a couple of tutorials I have found on the web.  The first from Holly McCaig and the second from Hiti Design.

brissi-white-wiltshire_dining_001Firstly you need to start with an image.  For today I’m using an image I have borrowed from Brissi.  It has a great grey neutral fabric, which should ensure I don’t spend a lot of time cloning anything out - white is the best if you can. It also suits the pattern I’m going to be using and the chair is the main focus of the image, which I really like as the viewer won’t be distracted by other items in the photo.

Note…this tutorial assumes you have an basic knowledge of the tools in Photoshop. If you are unsure, find a great class on Skillshare to brush up on your skills.

Step 1 - Draw a path around your object.

First select the Pen tool then ensure Path is selected. Now using your pen, drop points around your object. Use the click and drag method to curve around corners.

Step 2 - Create a new layer.

Step 3 - Paste your pattern.

My pattern was already saved in the patterns, so I used the Paint tool to fill the new layer with my pattern.

Step 4 - Apply Layer Mask.

In the Paths Palette and using your Command + click key (Ctrl + click if on PC), click on the icon of the path. This should give you a selection around your object. With it still selected, switch over to your Layers Palette and choose the pattern layer above your object to ensure it’s active

Apply a Layer Mask by clicking the icon below on your Layers Palette (or Layer->Layer Mask->Apply from the menu).

Step 5 - Blending

Your pattern is probably looking a bit flat. To fix this, select Multiple from the blending options. You may also need to adjust some of the blending options if your image is too dark. If you started with a white object, you problem won’t have this issue. I actually like the darkness of how this turned out, so I’m going to keep it for now.

The Final Image


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